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sometimes, not often enough

-- i take some powdered milk and mix it with sugar in a shallow bowl--
then with a spoon i eat it inside the tv room--
and i play an old favorite from our movie collection--

-- i feel bad when i go to bed without being kissed goodnight
by nika, gela or mike--
then i remember we can kiss on the morrow--

-- i amazingly get friendly with all my contacts in facebook who were randomly befriended because of the online games i play--
these funny smart witty people from all over the world i haven't met-- yet--

-- i dance in our bedroom in the only way i can--
knowing that no one is watching--

-- i wonder at the tapestry of love that connected everyone together and brought me here today--
nicolasa and hilario sr. who had hilario jr.--
lucio and irenea who had presentacion--
then hilario jr. and presentacion had me--
i was born because of that loving thread and i am happy to stretch it out some more--
joining mike's own and both of us weaving our new masterpiece--

-- we reflect upon the good things--
and those thoughts always center around those we love--
and i think about those people who mean so much to me--
and for so many years have made me so very happy--
and i count the times i have forgotten to say thank you--
and just how much i love them--

once upon this birthday

Photo of this photographer courtesy of Mike Mendoza

Sunday, July 29, 2012

a book review

By Salvador A. Aves, National Statistics Office Regional Director

How fortunate of our new public service managers! Now they have this book to guide them as they go through the process of management - getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively.

This book is a pioneer not only in Philippine public service but in local public service as well. While publications that try to fill our Filipiniana section of the library come from national figures, here is actually a written work from a multi-awarded career executive officer from Cagayan de Oro City – teacher, friend, acquaintance and neighbor to most who would have the first chance to get the book.

Engaging Change in Scaling the Heights of Public Service is three books in one – a gentleman’s memoir of outstanding experiences in government service, a record of public administration programs within the National Statistics Office, and a how-to and do-it-yourself guide for managers that spans both the corporate and the government setting.

Moreover, it is also a nod to the numerous management gurus and business leaders who have forwarded their theories on effective management and leadership, as the book provided accurate and real examples on how those strategies actually work in real situations.

Of particular interest is the art and manner on how the author featured the points in the book – by first presenting the carefully-selected strategies, then bolstering these with leadership lessons that have been tested in time by other international sources, and most importantly, backing it up by his actual experiences.  To provide the complete finish, a personal assessment at each end of the chapter makes the discussions more relevant to the reader.

The only thing to propose for the book is to have its layout and printing in more vivid colors. But on the whole, it is a highly recommended read for both students and practitioners who want to have a better knowledge and appreciation of public service and its intricacies, the challenge of change and its impact to the organization, and the practical and available solutions of achieving managerial and leadership success in the work place.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

the politico: leader & manager

The DBM216 Executive Development conducted its second session of the Executive Seminar Series last June 16 2012 at the Audio Visual Room #4 of SBM Building, Xavier University.  Gracing the activity as the Keynote Speaker was Misamis Oriental Provincial Governor Oscar S. Moreno, who gave the message on Skills Development for Managers and Leaders in the Philippine Context.

Governor Moreno was handpicked for the part because of his background both in corporate and public management.  In the span of his career, he has made the seamless transition between the professional and political worlds - though in his very own words, he admitted that he didn’t earn his proper preparation for a profession in business nor did he imagine being a part of the corporate world.

The talk, as a whole, was focused on the life experiences of the speaker, and for the earlier part, it veered towards his development as a politico, then it related the story of his being elected as a member of the House of Representatives and later as Local Chief Executive at the provincial level.  He entertained the group with his comparison of the two political positions with that of owning a car.  Being a congressman, he said, is likened to getting a brand new car to drive.  Being a governor, on the other hand, he equated with having an old car from the predecessor and the challenge is how to make it run.

But in his message, he highlighted that the one missing link in the country today are good leaders in government and that particularly, people who chose to run for office and become political leaders do not necessarily possess the qualities of leadership.

Giving special mention to the other politicians who honed and trained him, Governor Moreno took the time to narrate his experiences with Senator Nene Pimentel and Cebu Governor Lito OsmeƱa and how their work together and the examples and advices they had given him proved to be the needed impetus for him to join politics.

Governor Moreno shared that it took time for him to like politics, and it took him two years to get to know the ropes and to learn and imbibe the culture distinct in public office.  He said it is a hard and difficult career to choose, but it is fulfilling since one can be able to serve and give opportunities to other people.  His only advice is that the young should learn all they can while they are in the corporate environment, and when they are confident enough to say that they have learned and have molded their skills, then they can leave the eight-to-five job and run for public office and serve the new calling as politician.

The Governor, in his own way, provided the audience with his thoughts on the similarities and differences of executives and leaders and of corporate managers and political leaders.  True to the various materials we can read on managing and leading, he said that the two functions and skills must complement each other.  He observed that there are leaders who are not managers, while there are managers who are not leaders.  He added that as a governor, he must be a leader when he is among the constituents, but must be a manager when he is in the capitol and among the employees of the provincial office.

The governor gave a talk close to his heart, as he even intimated about his family life and how it was greatly affected by his choices in his political career.  When asked about his rumored future mayoralty plans, he was not coy and stressed to the group that he looks at growth and development as a collective work that requires the cooperation of everyone in the community.

But what is most important, as he brought his talk and question and answer portion to a close, is when he emphasized on the three standards he holds against leaders – commitment to serve, technical competencies, and values to provide guidance in everything that the leader will commit to do.

The session, though taking form in a relaxed tete-a-tete with the governor, all the more emphasized his magnanimity, his willingness to share with the graduate students, and his capacity for servant leadership.  When thanked profusely for accepting the invitation without the usual grand standing and bureaucratic processes expected of political offices, he replied that he was humbled by the experience as he too, was learning, in the process.

Skills development always translates to total personality development.  It was a message well discussed and illustrated by manager and leader, Governor Oscar Moreno.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

papa boy, on father's day

For someone who meant so much
and loved by all he knew
who left behind a trail of tears
and precious memories too

We loved the sunshine in his smile
and kindness in his heart
but heaven saw that he was tired
which meant we had to part

And now that it's his special day
dear angels, hear our prayer
please guard him with your gentle wings
and tend him with great care

For he was someone wonderful
and words just can't convey
how much we wish that he was here
once more, with us today

Thursday, June 14, 2012

who is?

Annika, Angela and I at the dining table.

Who is Jane Austen?
Oh I know her.  I read her name somewhere.  I know I just did.  She wrote Pride and Prejudice.  Yeah, I know right.

Who is Abraham Lincoln?
He is this president who sits down on this yay chair.

Who is Jose Rizal?
Oh this hero who wrote books that I need to study in school.

Who is Joan of Arc?
She's from France.

Who is Dolphy?
The owner of the beautiful Japanese dolls.

Who is Vilma Santos?
A saint.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

won't mind not knowing

After seven seasons, we are nowhere nearer to knowing the girl that Ted will end up with.  But who cares? That would mean the end of this awesome series and we are not ready for that yet.  For the mean time, I'm keeping track of the episodes to stay pretty legen- waitforit - dary!

Complete Season 7

1 The Best Man
While Barney prepares for his wedding, he and Ted reminisce
about Punchy's wedding. Robin considers telling Barney she has feelings for him.

2 The Naked Truth
Marshall finally lands his dream job, but he worries that his new employer would rescind the offer because of some past videos
showing him as a streaker. Ted is at a loss over whom to take
to the Architects' Ball.

3 Ducky Tie
Ted runs into his old girlfriend, Victoria, and tries to make amends with her since he cheated during their relationship. Marshall and Lily make
a bet with Barney that could force him to wear Marshall's ducky tie.

4 The Stinson Missile Crisis
Robin is forced to undergo court-mandated therapy sessions after she assaults a girl who is out to ruin Barney's relationship with Nora.
Ted gets too involved in Lily's pregnancy.

5 Field Trip
Ted takes his class on a field trip and Barney tags along. Meanwhile, Marshall takes matters into his own hands when his boss treads too carefully in making a huge settlement with a major company.

6 Mystery vs. History
The gang intervenes in Ted's business when he refuses to gather information online about a woman he is going to date. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily decide not to find out the sex of their baby, but they are tempted to change their minds while setting up the baby's room. 

7 Noretta
Kevin helps the gang realize that their partners remind them of one of their parents. Meanwhile, Barney and Nora's planned romantic evening is ruined by a string of horrible events.

8 The Slutty Pumpkin Returns
Ted runs into "The Slutty Pumpkin" but realizes that she is not "The One". Barney learns he is part Canadian and Lily has pregnancy brain.

9 Disaster Averted
While the gang reminisces about Hurricane Irene, Barney tries to cut a deal with Marshall and Lily to get out of wearing the Ducky Tie.

10 Tick Tick Tick..
Barney and Robin hide a deep secret from their partners. Ted, Lily and Marshall attend a concert.

11 The Rebound Girl
On Thanksgiving, Ted and Barney talk about a potential life-changing decision together by adopting a baby. Robin tries to discourage Marshall and Lily from moving to Long Island to start their new life as a family. Robin reveals a shocking secret to Barney.

12 Symphony of Illumination
Robin receives the bad news that she can never have children and decides to hide it from the gang. Marshall is trapped on the roof of his house in the suburbs.

13 Tailgate
Marshall visits his father's grave to continue an old family tradition. Barney and Ted open a new bar and Robin's career takes a more positive turn.

14 46 Minutes
Marshall and Lily move to Long Island and her father won't stop tormenting them about their house. Barney declares himself
"New Leader of the Gang" now that Lily is not present to boss Barney around. 

15 The Burning Beekeeper
Lily and Marshall throw a housewarming party,
where various things go awry.

16 The Drunk Train
Lily and Marshall invite Robin and Kevin on a Valentine's Day trip to Vermont. Kevin and Robin use the trip to talk about taking their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, Barney realizes he has finally met his match.

17 No Pressure
After Kevin breaks up with Robin, Ted confesses his feelings to her. Barney finds something private in Marshall and Lily's things. Special appearance by Conan O'Brien as a background extra in MacLaren's.

18 Karma
Barney tries to convince Quinn to go out with him. Ted wonders what to do with the room now vacated by Robin, who has moved out to the suburbs with help from Marshall and Lily.

19 The Broath
Barney and Quinn want to move in together, but Barney's friends don't like or trust Quinn and try to break them up. Robin and Ted fight over who deserves to sublet Quinn's apartment.

20 Trilogy Time
Ted, Marshall and Barney watch the original Star Wars trilogy and suddenly think about their lives three years into the future.

21 Now We're Even
Although Ted is happy with living alone at his new apartment, Barney tries to convince him about going out every night. Lily has a naughty dream, but Marshall is not in it. Robin finally starts her stint as a news anchor at World Wide News.

22 Good Crazy
Marshall panics when a baby shower indicates that the birth is close at hand and accidentally takes a road trip with Barney. Ted hallucinates seeing Robin while trying to get over her and decides to patch up their differences. Barney tries to talk Quinn out of being a stripper.

23 The Magician's Code, Part One
Marshall and Barney are still in Atlantic City when Lily goes into labour. In order to get back to Manhattan in time for the birth, Marshall must do a deal with the devil — Barney. While waiting for them to get back to the city, Ted and Robin try to keep Lily's mind occupied.

24 The Magician's Code, Part Two
Robin tells Ted that he has a history of bad relationships with every girl he has dated. He realizes that this is true except for Victoria, and makes it a plan to contact her. Ted is conflicted when Victoria meets up with him on her wedding day and asks him to elope. He accepts, but on the way decides to take the runaway bride back to her wedding. Soon after, he again chooses to elope with her. Lily and Marshall have Robin take pictures of the baby's first day to send out a card to everyone, but nothing turns out as well as they hoped. Meanwhile, Barney and Quinn are arrested by airport security while on the way to Hawaii when Barney refuses to open a box they are travelling with. The box is a magic trick that, when performed, reveals an engagement ring.

- collected from various episode guides

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

holding on to summer

Annika : FORE!
Del Monte Golf Course

Angela : FIRE!
NMPSA Firing Range

Thursday, May 24, 2012

just you wait, 'enry 'iggins

I am still well on my way to becoming a fair executive.

I am still in the constant development of my executive skills, and on the process of furthering my career and personal growth.

But even at this point, while I continue setting my directions, I know I owe it to my Pygmalions who had the vision, interest, leadership, wisdom and big hearts to craft and mold me into what I am today.

I am blessed to have worked with managers and leaders who stretched me to my full capacity.

Somehow, they knew and they showed me what I was capable of doing, and they were confident to give me the guidance and at the same time the latitude for me to deliver the finished product in good quality but with my stamp of individuality. It was also fortunate that I worked not only with heads of offices but with executives who also manifested creativity, confidence, and good judgment, and who are successful leaders on their own.

In turn, the challenges were not wearing me down, but building me up to my full stature. Whatever difficulties I may have experienced were just a part of the process, the chisel that was able to define my shape and smooth out my texture.

With those valuable experiences, I have learned to achieve. And with those experiences of achieving, I have learned to share those facilitating and engaging qualities with those that I work with, and work under my management. I try to not forget what I learned along the way, and pay it forward – that the good deeds of those who developed me will be repaid by me doing the same to others.

As is expected of me, so I shall strive to become.

- Conclusion to
"Becoming the Fair Executive"
A Reaction Paper to the HBR Article "Pygmalion in Management"
DBM216 Executive Development